"ILIANA" gelatin egg paint with marble effect

The pack contains 4 colours, a set of gloves and a user guide.

Instructions for use

  1. You need
    • a bowl with warm water
    • a cup for the painted egg
    • scissors
    • a spoon
  2. Separate the vials with the scissors and put them in the bowl with warm water until the paint becomes liquid.
  3. Shake the vials with liquefied paint and cut the top diagonally.
  4. Take out the boiled warm egg from the water and dry it.  Put on the gloves. Drip 6 or 7 drops of the selected color. To get marble effect roll the egg along your palm but do not do it more than once or twice as you will lose the effect.
  5. Put the painted egg on the opening of the cup until it is completely dry.

Keep the paints in a liquid state and the eggs warm.
Wash and dry the gloves after each change of colours.

To get multicolored effect (a combination of two or more colours) you should use each color after the previous one has dried well.

"ILIANA" gelatin egg paint with marble effect