It is one of the greatest and most respected Christian holidays! It combines the joy of people at the rise of nature for a new life, the trees in blossom and the first spring flowers with the biblical parable about the resurrection of the crucified son of God - Jesus Christ.


It is not known when exactly people started painting eggs. Не е известно кога за пръв път са започнали да се боядисват яйца. There is some historical and archeological information that eggs were painted and given as gifts in Ancient Еgypt, Pеrsia, Rome, China and Greece. The rituals, connected with them, symbolized the birth of life.
The Jews had a custom, when visiting somebody, to give a gift to the host. If the guest was very poor, he gave an egg. According to Christian tradition, when Mary Magdalene went to Rome to meet the Roman Emperor, following this custom she gave him an egg, which was dyed red, symbolizing the blood of Christ. Since then the Christians have kept the tradition to give each other a red egg as a present at Easter. Little by little they started using different colours. 
In Bulgaria the tradition demands that the Easter eggs are painted on традиция е яйцата да се боядисват на Maundy Thursday or Holy Saturday, their number depending on the members of the family. The first egg is always painted in red by the oldest woman in the family. She uses it, still warm and freshly died, to make a cross on the children's foreheads so that they are in good health.