Our vision
We would like our customers to recognize us as the best company, producer of egg paint. We provide high-quality services in the field of textile coloring and quality textiles.

Our values

We work hard to achieve high quality in our business. We have a clear vision of the direction we follow, and we focus our resources on achieving the objectives we have set to ourselves. We continuously strive for improving the quality of our products and satisfy the consumers' wishes.

We believe that only business loyalty can bring long-term success. We will not make any compromise with ethic norms and will act in a way that can vouch it.

We believe that the people who work for us represent the most valuable capital. We are open-minded and we do know that the best results can be achieved in the conditions of mutually trusting relationships with our partners.  We take into consideration the needs and wishes of our customers and end-users. We work to earn their respect and loyalty by offering them products and services with exceptional quality.


Strategy for market success


  • Producing and maintaining quality products and first-class services.
  • Partnership with leading distributors of fast moving consumer goods.

Factors for our strategy success

  • Team of professionals, focused on excellent quality and vision of all our products and services.
  • Reliability of our deliveries.

Competitive advantages

  • We are specialists in the production of egg paint.
  • We are professionals in the field of textile coloring.
  • We have complete closed cycles of production in different areas of development.

Our principles of partnership

  • Mutual trust
  • Long-term relationships
  • Clear duties and responsibilities
  • We insist on perfect communication



 Founded in 1991 by Buranovi family, the company continues the old family traditions in textile coloring. 

At the first stage of its existence, our business was connected with popular services by coloring textile fabrics of different composition of (cotton, wool, polyamide, viscose).  At a later stage of our development we specialized in the production and coloring of carded yarn of 100% wool for hand knitting in over 60 colors. As we insist on high quality, we use dyes from internationally recognized companies.

At a still later stage of development, our company learned and continues to improve the production of woolen blankets in a rich range of natural and colored combinations.  

Yet, we felt the biggest joy and excitement when our company celebrated one of the most beautiful Christian holidays -  Easter. Surely we started preparing for it long before the church bells rang.


Here are our  egg paints!

The different types of egg paints have extremely high quality as it is very important for us the table during this great Christian holiday to shine and bring joy to the eyes and the heart. While producing our egg paints we, of course, strictly observe all requirements of Bulgarian and European standards and norms for foodstuffs production.

Buranovi-Color LTD has a complete closed cycle of production.